Our Products

We are one of Europe's most respected and leading specialists providing workholding machining solutions and bespoke rotary & prismatic fixture designs.

Accuracy, consistency and repeatability to 0.012mm are why our components are utilised by the worlds largest manufacturers in Aerospace, Rail and Automotive technologies.

Complete Precision Workholding and Machining

PTG produce and supply precision expanding mandrels capable of automatic clamping in component bores, achieving the highest accuracy and holding power to resist the cutting forces imposed on the work piece.

PTG’s modular mandrel system provides the following benefits:

  • Our unique double-angle principle allows for fast loading and unloading of components.
  • A standard expansion range of 0.8mm (0.032").
  • Guaranteed accuracy of 0.013mm (0.0005") T.I.R., or closer if desired.
  • Greater holding power by applying pressure evenly along the length of the sleeve.
  • No need to hold the work to close bore tolerance.
  • One mandrel can accommodate a wide range of sleeve sizes.
  • Availability of multiple sleeves for work with greater length-to-diameter ratios, eliminating wobble and chatter.
  • Pull-back of component onto end locator for positive location.
  • PTG Workholding are generally able to recondition arbors by re-grinding the angles to return mandrels to their original accuracy.