High-precision Machine Workholding

We are one of Europe's most respected and leading specialists providing workholding machining solutions and bespoke rotary & prismatic fixture designs.

Accuracy, consistency and repeatability to 0.013mm (and even lower in bespoke components) are why our components are utilised by the worlds largest manufacturers in Aerospace, Rail and Automotive technologies.

Complete Precision Workholding and Machining

With over 30 years experience in the design and manufacture of internal and external workholding solutions, PTG has the expertise to provide a workholding solution to all of the UK and global manufacturing industry sectors.

Whether working to the stringent requirement of Aero engine turbine manufacture or providing an automotive drivetrain expanding mandrel application, our CAD design and in house manufacturing team have the capability to improve your company's productivity.

Bespoke components

PTG's expertise extends to providing a simple one off mandrel application through to a full turnkey solution with on site installation where required, including initial component run off and verification.

Encapsulating modular, bespoke, rotary and prismatic designs whether your application is Rail, Aero, Valve manufacture or F1, PTG has the capability to to provide a gripping solution.

Faceplate Nut Operated Mandrel

The face-plate nut operated expanding mandrel can be used on any machine with no drawbar facility, for general turning and grinding operations. These are a popular choice for milling fixture locators.

Rolls Royce Aero Engine Blisk Weld Fixture

Building on previously supplied successful and innovative fixture and mandrel solutions supplied to RR manufacturing plants located at Derby and Sunderland in the UK, PTG were contacted and asked to look at the feasibility of supplying two new high specification weld fixtures.

Faceplate Drawbar Operated Mandrel

The faceplate drawbar operated expanding mandrel can be used on any machine with drawbar facilities, for general turning and grinding operations.

Brochure download

Our brochure contains our full catalogue of turnkey mandrel solutions, listing specific part numbers for easy reference, alongside details of our bespoke and specialist applications.

To place an order or discuss a bespoke project, contact us using the details below.

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