Supporting Formula 1 component manufacturer Hewland Engineering

Hewland Engineering, renowned in the highly competitive world of motorsport for their quality and performance, have been providing winning teams and drivers with transmissions for well over 50 years. Their experience in a wide array of disciplines has enabled them to build and maintain a strong reputation for reliability, quality and service.

The Hewland brand encompasses everything from the support of top Formula 1 racing teams to GT racing and electric vehicles, manufacturing all components to meet increasingly fine tolerances.

Uniquely, Hewland are the only transmission company currently able to supply a complete fully integrated semi-automatic transmission, utilising only components designed and developed in house at their White Waltham facility.

Their current competition racing involvement covers component and transmission supply to teams in Formula 1, Le Mans and GT Racing, Nascar, Rallysport and a wealth of full championships including the German DTM, Japanese GT500 and the all-new electric series, Formula E.

Specialising in bespoke transmissions, Hewland products have found many homes outside of motorsport and on every continent, from arctic exploration vehicles to electric world record holders.

To excel within the demanding motorsport industry, Hewland takes a flexible, agile approach which allows the company to meet the short lead times and fast pace of development typical of the industry.

With a renewed focus on exceeding client expectations, the White Waltham company continues to deliver innovative, high quality products globally, working together with its clients to ensure all of their goals are achieved.

PTG's involvement has been as a tier one supplier to Hewland for many years, supplying bespoke mandrels and collet chucks which are either utilised as standalone products or integrated into one of the CAD designed fixtures which are mounted on various machine tools within the facility.

Our products can be found throughout the whole manufacturing system at Hewland from simple turning through to five axis machining and gear cutting, the performance and operation of our workholding equipment has to conform to very stringent tolerances, especially on the challenging F1 range of transmission components.

PTG will continue to support the manufacturing hub, supplying Hewland competition transmissions worldwide.